FYI Purgolders is a Goodman Community Center program

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

FYI Purgolders is a program of the Goodman Community Center. It is a sports-based youth development program that uses sports to facilitate learning and life skill development in youth. FYI Purgolders is a developmental program and provides a low-cost opportunity for 4th-8th grade youth to participate in team sports.

Sports-based youth development programs are out-of-school-time programs that use a particular sport to facilitate life skill development in youth. Grounded in the theory of Positive Youth Development, sports are an initial “hook” to engage youth participation and act as the vehicle to promote positive youth outcomes. Sport skill or athletic skill development is a secondary goal to the life skills developed.

FYI Purgolders is dedicated to providing an equitable, low-cost opportunity for all youth to participant in sports. We understand the cost of participating on a sports team can sometimes be an economic burden and offer assistance in the form of partial scholarships for the season.

Families can apply for a scholarship on the FYI Purgolders registration form or by contacting the FYI Manager or Assistant Manager. They will be asked to provide the amount of annual household income and household size to determine scholarship eligibility.

Zach Watson, FYI Manager – or 608.279.2157

Sara Nowakowski, FYI Assistant Manager – or 608.513.7498

FYI Purgolders serves youth in the Madison East district. All players must register on the FYI Purgolders website. To register:

  1. Click Here to go to the registration page.
  2. After clicking the link, you will be required to create or login with a TeamSnap account. FYI Purgolders uses TeamSnap for all communication and payment.
  3. Complete the registration form (page 1) and all waiver questions (page 2).
  4. Payment is not required at the time of registration. All invoices will be sent out in early November.


Program Structure

A: In addition to a regular team practice (90 minutes) once a week, FYI Purgolders contains a once a week collaborative practice, combining teams from similar age-groups in a co-ed “camp style” structure focused on life and athletic skill development.

Collaborative Practices include:

  • Dinner (15 minutes)
  • Academic Practice (45 minutes)
  • Athletic Practice (75 minutes)

Attendance at both the academic practice and athletic practice is mandatory for players and coaches; the academic and athletic practices are designed to work interchangeably in terms of context as well as content. Basketball coaches and volunteer academic coaches will work together throughout the collaborative practices, supporting and providing opportunities to practice life skills in both academic and athletic settings.

During the Collaborative Practice, the Athletic Practice will be structured like a camp, with skill and drill stations focused on fundamental basketball skill development. Boy and girl teams from similar age groups will practice together. The Athletic Practice will be planned by the FYI Sports Coordinator, with opportunities for coaches input.

Academic Practice is about 45 minutes, combining players from multiple teams to participate in developmentally appropriate, interactive activities. Examples of planned activities include:

  • Guest Speakers (coaches, players, professionals)
  • Basketball Skills (interpreting game stats, effectively reading plays, understanding basketball terminology)
  • Developing Study Skills (time management, setting goals)
  • Strengthen teams and communication skills through team-building activities
  • Focus on Character Traits (Trust, Community, Respect)

Like the Athletic Practice, the activities during the Academic Practice focus on skill development that will improve individual student-athlete and team performance both on the basketball court during practice and games, and off the court in school and everyday life.

FYI Purgolders believes that a focus on fundamental skill development will create competitive basketball teams. This includes life skill development in addition to athletic skill development. By intentionally teaching life skills alongside sport activities (in this case basketball), Collaborative Practices will:

  • Increase understanding of the expectations of a student-athlete
  • Develop players’ coachable skills: Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving, Confidence, School engagement, Character development
  • Build a sense of community and East side pride

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